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A very functional and also sustainable material, which we use for shirts, jackets or shorts. Unfortunately hemp is still one of the most underestimated fabrics – wrongly if you ask us. So products out of hemp got a cool wearing comfort, are moisture controlling and dust repellent. Furthermore the material provides a high protection against ultraviolet rays and is antimicrobial.

    • sustainable cultivation, low water consumption
    • the plants protect themselves against weeds and pests
    • no use of pesticides and herbicides
    • no genetically modified seeds
    • the income of hemp is three times higher than the income of cotton

In some parts of the earth the cultivation of hemp is still forbidden – not so in China. There hemp has an extensive and historic tradition. That´s why we produce all our hemp goods – sustainable and under fair conditions – in China. These standards are controlled by our production manager, who is running his own plantation together with local farmers. He is regularly visiting the different locations and is continuously working to improve the social conditions.

Why do we do that? We don’t think that taking every production from low-income countries is the right way of doing it. Rather we want to lead by setting a good example. Because precisely where social ills exist, you have to stand up to introduce standards. bleed – for a fair and sustainable production.

bleed functional hemp short bleed functional hemp short 2
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bleed functional hemp short

Bleed Clothing
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