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Once, of the most used resources for the production of textiles, linen was nearly replaced by cotton back the 19th century. But we want to give the material – which we purchase from an organically cultivation in western Europe - the well-deserved comeback. The characteristics of linen are the extremely high tensile strength, a natural dirt and stain repellent effect, as well as an excellent moisture regulation. So you can always stay cool and relaxed, even during sweaty activities. Furthermore linen is bacteria repellent, especially skin-friendly and by the cuddly fabric, also fluff doesn’t have a chance.

  • flax grows on barren land
  • low water consumption during cultivation
  • flax requires neither chemical fertilizers, nor plant protection products
  • linen takes color very well and doesn´t need chemical aftercare

Why do we do that? We are following one simple principle - “live and let live”. That means we do what to produce great goods, but not on the expense of the environment, human or animals. Of course that affects the manufacturing and makes it a little bit more complicated and time-consuming. But at the end, you don´t only have a high-quality product, but also a clear conscience. bleed – cause the nature had already bled enough.

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