the idea

We are a start up and couple with two children and want to be part of a more sustainable world, for us, our children and the children of anyone. We founded our concept store with success in the heart of Malaga center.

We have seen that a lot of people are looking for alternatives to mass production without respect for the environment, human and animal exploitation, only that a few people get advantage of it for their fortunes, through corruption and cruel and inhuman ways.

Veganized, is not only our name it´s our attitude.

We are bringing to Malaga and to Europe, an alternative in clothing and accessories, what is casual, sporty and 100% vegan, 100% ecologic, 100% Fairtrade - sustainable 

As consumer and responsable for our children and our earth, we are only incorporating selected products what are certified and transparent in the whole supply chain, with high quality fabrics, stylish and free of toxics. 



We want any human to have a fair salery for his or her work.

Veganized wants to promote a fair and sustainable world, grounded on certified and transparent products in the whole supply chain. The certifications we work with fulfill the highest standards for labor and social working conditions, GOTS, Fairtrade, Fairwear, Bluesign


Organic means natural, this is the word what best fits for our selection of products...

All fabrics what are used for the clothes are not harmful for the environment, the humans or animales. We are working with organic cotton, Tencel, linen, cork, natural rubber, hemp. All clothes and shoes  are free of toxics and vegan. we are only working with certified products. 


We want to prevent overexploitation of agricultural fields. Our manufacturers use only environmentally friendly materials. For example, the soles of shoes are made of natural rubber instead of plastic, because one hectare of rubber absorbs seven times more CO2 than one hectare of jungle. All the products we offer are certified and contribute to sustainable production.


We do not want animals to be slaughtered or mistreated; That's why in Veganized we choose manufacturers who do not use animal oils, fats, additives, dyes nor materiales originated of animals


In our store you find products that are made from recycled materials to generate a healthy ideology, contrary to the consumer society that generates multiple wastes, always toxic free.

Like our Bikinis of Econyl, or our sympatex jackets 

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