Consciousness about the environment 

Bleed exclusively use raw materials, non harmful and ecologic.  These values are reflected in there whole supply chain, as it is sustainable and ecologic.

It is not necessary

It is not necessary to lower the level of quality or functionality by making fashion sustainable. Nature offers various raw materials that have a very varied functionality.

The spinning, coloring, printing, making, knitting and knitting actions of the entire collection are controlled via GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. Only Bluesign-certified fabric is used for the functional garment.

Social conscience

Unfortunately, many companies follow the standard of making clothing under inhumane conditions. The Bleed brand produces exclusively under very good social conditions.

This means: fair payments, appropriate working hours, meeting labor protection standards, and of course the prohibition of child labor!

The complete production process: spinning, dyeing, printing, making, knitting and knitting as well as crop plantations are controlled by independent institutions, so that social criteria are met.

Animal Attitude

One of the values ​​of Bleed is that it does not suffer any animal in any way by the production of its range of products. For that reason they totally renounce animal components in their production.

For example, they use instead of conventional leather for jeans labels only recycled polyurethane or cork, they replace nacre with tagua, and reject the use of pens as insulation.

Organic farming, without pesticides and herbicides, also contributes, so that wild animals are not contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Bleed was awarded in 2011 by PETA with the Progress Award, as a fashion brand with the most pro animal attitude. They work continuously for future collaborations with PETA.


  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard - the seal for natural fibers in the textile sector)
  • Bluesign (certified for recycled fabrics Sympatex artificial fiber)
  • OE100 (seal for the identification of organic cotton raw material)


  • PETA Fashion Award 2013
  • Nominee German Design Award 2013
  • Umweltpreis 2012 des Bund Naturschutz in Bayern eV (national environmental price)
  • PETA Award 2011 für das tierfreundlichste Modelabel (PETA award for the most protective brand of animals)
  • Bike Expo Brandnew Award 2010
  • Finalist ISPO Brandnew Award 2009


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