Ethletic sneakers don’t just feel good – they make others feel good. The people wearing them. And the people making them. We see to this with fair pay, good working conditions, and voluntary premiums for social projects. Trade, as we understand it, is based on trust and appreciation. Our employees in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Germany share a common goal: to make shoes that are bought because they are attractive, hip, modern, and comfortable. And because they were produced under humane conditions. Ethletic isn’t a compromise. It’s a real alternative.



Our respect toward life includes animals. Our sneakers make do easily without animal based ingredients and are 100 % vegan. In addition, we only use raw materials from farming areas that don’t compromise the animal habitat through monocultures and overexploitation.


Exploiting nature is wrong. And unnecessary. We believe in the possibility of commercial success without the fixation on maximum yields. Ethletic supports its farmers in growing food for their own consumption. This preserves valuable agricultural land and provides a safeguard against monocultures that displace plant and animal life. We only use organic cotton and natural rubber from sustainable plantations – no pesticides, no toxic chemicals. This protects both the environment and the health of the people who wear and produce our sneakers.


  • FSC
  • Fairtrade


Guia de talla Ethletic

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