VATTER underwear is finest organic cotton dressed in a fashionable design. When talking about organic underwear, many people first think of unappealing underpants in off-white. We call them “passion killers”. They may be good for your ecological conscience, yet are anything but a feast for your eyes. With VATTER underwear we proof that things can be different and that the terms “organic” and “sexy” are not mutually exclusive. All our products are GOTS certified and thus sustainably produced. This pleases both your skin and your conscience. Since we also want to do something good for your eyes, we place great emphasis on design for our underwear. In addition, we believe that every successful company has a certain responsibility towards its environment. Therefore we use a portion of our revenues to support varying environmental or social projects. We call the whole thing VATTER – cotton with attitude.


VATTER underwear is available for women, men, babies and toddlers respectively. The designs range from classic to fancy, but considered together always result in a coherent and above all tasteful overall picture. For women and men we offer three different models to choose from. You can find an overview of the different cuts in our style guide.

Women can choose between a simpler basic version and a fancy version with refined details for each model. Depending on their mood and occasion, woman must therefore never do without their daily dose of organic cotton.

For the man we also have one or the other alternative at hand. Our classic plain designs present themselves rather subtle. Those who like it showier will pick the stylish patterned variant. Our Boxer shorts are an absolute rarity on the underwear market. We only make them in 100% organic cotton from the highest quality woven fabrics, which are otherwise mainly used for dress shirts.

Our baby bodysuits are almost a statement, as they clearly distinguish themselves from the pink and light blue pabulum with their extraordinary designs. Beyond that, some designs are also available as matching underpants for mom or dad, thus offering a unique underwear family look.


Organic Cotton Plant

VATTER underwear is made from the finest organic cotton, as conventional cotton is completely out of question for us. Cotton is a very sensitive plant. Hence, in conventional cultivation an extremely large amount of chemicals (e.g. pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) is used and the water consumption is enormous. Harvesting is done by machine and a chemical defoliant is used to facilitate that. Certified organic cotton cultivation begins, however, already with the seeds, which must not be genetically modified. The cotton is harvested by hand and natural fertilizers and pesticides, which harm neither the nature nor the farmers, are used exclusively. This also reduces the water consumption compared to conventional farming, as the humus portion of the soil increases long term due to natural fertilizers (e.g. cow dung) and thus can store larger amounts of water.

Of course, due to the much more elaborate cultivation and limited availability, organic cotton is more expensive than conventional cotton, but we think that it is worth every penny.


Sustainable Production

In our opinion, it is not enough to manufacture products merely from organic cotton and then label them with "Organic". If "organic", then all the way, which means it must be worked ecologically throughout the entire production chain. How does it help you, if indeed the cotton was grown organically, but harmful chemicals or heavy metals are used in dyeing or printing?

Therefore, we produce our underwear exclusively under the "Global Organic Textile Standard" (GOTS), the world's leading standard for the processing of textiles from organically grown natural fibers. Accordingly not only high environmental requirements throughout the entire production chain must be maintained, but also certain social criteria. 


Our underwear is manufactured in family-run companies in Greece and Turkey, which of course are also GOTS-certified. Thus, the production facilities are regularly inspected by independent certification bodies. In addition, we visit our producers from time to time ourselves, not only to personally assure ourselves of the production site conditions, but also to cultivate our individual contact with them. We understand these companies not only as producers, but as our close, long-term partners, with whom we are in an ongoing dialogue.


VATTER Packaging PackShot

As sustainability should not end with the product itself, our packaging of course also meets the demanding environmental requirements of GOTS. Hence, our boxes are not only extremely good looking, but moreover consist of 100% recycled materials and are printed with vegetable-based inks. To ensure the boxes plus content arrive also environmentally friendly at your front door, we ship your order 100% carbon neutral with DHL GoGreen. The last sustainable step you however need to take yourself: If you ever have no more use for our beautiful boxes – please discard them in the paper recycling bin.


VATTER Responsibility

Each company benefits from the resources our environment and our society have to offer. Be it natural resources such as raw materials or human resources such as labor. We are therefore of the opinion that any successful business should return a part of its success to the environment and society in form of an eco-social commitment.

The textile industry is particularly intensive in terms of raw materials and labor and consequently has a huge impact on our environment and society. Through sustainable production, we try to keep this impact as low as possible, but it cannot be entirely eliminated, of course. This is why we are committed to giving something back and helping varying environmental and social projects with a part of our revenues. Not just because it is a trend, but from our firm conviction. Thus with every purchase you will help to make the world a better place. 

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