Timeless design, instead of fast-fashion, sustainable materials, instead of cheap mass production, and fair trade production, instead of slavery. You decide what to buy.

Sustainable design instead of cheap mass production.

Why for many people, does "fair & bio" mean the opposite of "modern & beautiful"? For Armedangels, it is not a question, it is a challenge. They love beautiful, sustainable products, and modern design. Instead of running after any trends, they go for timeless fashion. Rather than mass-produced substandard quality, they offer excellent quality garments, and sustainable collections. They design honest and fair trade fashion without "choradas"

Produccion Armedangels

Fair and dignified working conditions - from pattern to finished garment

Armedangels do not want any garment to harm the environment, and that people do not suffer from it. With this objective, they are committed to decent and fair working conditions. Regardless of whether you are a cotton farmer in India, a seamstress in Morocco or a programmer in Cologne. It is not charlatanism, independent organizations like Fairtrade, GOTS and Fair Wear guarantee, that they comply with what they say.





Sello Fairtrade
Sello Gots
Sello Fairwear Foundation
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